Article XIV


Section 1. Amendments. These Bylaws may not be modified or amended except as provided in Section 55-79.71 of the Condominium Act; provided, however, that until the expiration of the maximum time permitted by Section 55-79.74(a) of the Condominium Act: (1) Section 2 of Article II; (2) Section 9 of Article II; (3) Section 1 of Article III; and (4) Section 1 of this Article XIV may not be amended without the consent in writing of the Declarant, so long as the Declarant shall be the Unit Owner of more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the Units.

Section 2. Approval of Mortgagees. These Bylaws contain provisions concerning various rights, priorities, remedies and interests of Mortgagees. Such provisions in these Bylaws are to be construed as covenants for the protection of such Mortgagees on “which they may rely in making loans secured by Mortgages. Accordingly, no amendment or modification of these Bylaws impairing or affecting such rights, priorities, remedies or interests of a Mortgagee shall be adopted without the prior written consent of such Mortgagee.

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