Article XIII


Section 1. Notices. All notices, demands, bill statements or other communications under these Bylaws shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if delivered personally or if sent by regular mail, first-class, prepaid, as follows:

(a) If to a Unit Owner, at the address which the Unit Owner shall designate in writing and file with the Secretary, or agent, or if no such address is designated, at the address of the Unit of such Unit Owner; or

(b) If to the Unit Owners Association, the Board of Directors, or the Managing Agent, at the principal office of the Managing Agent, or at such other address as shall be designated by the notice in writing to the Unit Owners pursuant to this Section.

Section 2. Invalidity. The invalidity of any part of these Bylaws shall not impair or affect in any manner the validity, enforceability or effect of the balance of these Bylaws.

Section 3. Resale by Purchaser. The Unit Owners Association, in complying with Section 55-79.97(a), Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, shall furnish to the purchaser prior to contract date, the appropriate statements. The Board of Directors of the Unit Owners Association may charge the seller up to the maximum amount allowed by law to comply with statements pursuant to Sections 55-79.84(h) and 55-79.85, Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended. In addition, the Board of Directors may fix such other amounts as are required in complying with Section 55-79.97(a), 2 through 7, Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended.

Section 4. Interchangeable Terms. As used in these Bylaws, the terms “mortgage” and “deed of trust” are interchangeable with each other, and the terms “mortgagee” and “deed of trust noteholder” are interchangeable with each other.

Section 5. Certain Contracts of Declarant. Any employment contract or lease of recreational facilities or parking areas entered into by the Declarant on behalf of the Unit Owners’ Association during the period within which Declarant is in control of the Unit Owners’ Association, may at the option of the Association be terminated without penalty upon not more than ninety (90) days notice.

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