Article X


Section 1. Relief. As set forth in Section 55-79.53, Code of Virginia, as amended, each Unit Owner of a Unit shall be governed by, and shall comply with, all of the terms of the Declaration, these Bylaws and the rules and regulations, and any amendments of the same. A default by a Unit Owner shall entitle the Unit Owners Association, acting through its Board of Directors or through the Managing Agent, to the following relief:

(a) Legal Proceedings. Failure to comply with any of the terms of the Declaration, these Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations shall be grounds for relief which may include, without limitation to, an action to recover any sums due for money damages, injunctive relief, foreclosure of the lien for payment of all assessments, any other relief provided for in these Bylaws or any combination thereof and any other relief afforded by a court of competent jurisdiction, all of which relief may be sought by the Unit Owners Association, the Board of Directors, the Managing Agent, or, if appropriate, by an aggrieved Unit Owner.

(b) Additional Liability. Each Unit Owner shall be liable for the expense of all maintenance, repair or replacement rendered necessary by his act, neglect or carelessness or the act, neglect or carelessness of any member of his family or employees, agents, licensees, guests, or lessees, but only to the extent that such expense is not covered by the proceeds of insurance carried by the Board of Directors. Such liability shall include any increase in fire insurance rates occasioned by use, misuse, occupancy or abandonment of any unit or its appurtenances. Nothing contained herein, however, shall be construed as modifying any waiver by an insurance company of its rights of subrogation.

(c) Cost and Attorneys’ Fees. In any proceeding arising out of any alleged default by a Unit Owner, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover the costs of the proceeding, including all actions taken by the Association as a result of the default, and such reasonable attorneys’ fees as may be determined by the Court.

(d) Interest. In the event of a default by any Unit Owner in paying any sum assessed against the Condominium Unit which continues for a period in excess of fifteen days, interest at a rate not to exceed the lower of the maximum permissible interest rate which may be charged by a Mortgagee under a Mortgage at such time or eighteen percent (18%) per annum may be imposed in the discretion of the Board of Directors on the principal amount unpaid from the date due until paid.

(e) Abatement and Enjoinment of Violations by Unit Owners. The violation of any rule or regulation adopted by the Board of Directors, or the breach of any Bylaw contained herein, or the breach of any provision of the Declaration shall give the Board of Directors the right, in addition to any other rights set forth in these Bylaws; (1) to enter the Unit in which, or as to which, such violation or breach exists and summarily to abate and remove, at the expense of the defaulting Unit Owner, any structure, thing or condition that may exist therein contrary to the intent and meaning of the provisions hereof, and the Board of Directors shall not thereby be deemed guilty in any manner of trespass; or (2) to enjoin, abate or remedy by appropriate legal proceedings, either at law or in equity the continuance of any such breach.

(f) * Other Penalties. Failure by a Unit Owner to comply with any of the terms of the Declaration, these Bylaws and the rules and regulations, shall subject such Unit Owner to other penalties that may be established by resolution of the Board of Directors, including, but not limited to, the imposition of assessable charges pursuant to Section 55-79.802B of the Virginia Condominium Act. Any such resolution duly adopted by the Board of Directors shall be adopted in accordance with Section 55-79.80 2B of The Virginia Condominium Act, as amended, which requires the Unit Owner be given the opportunity to be heard and represented by counsel before the Board of Directors.
Section 2.     No Waiver of Rights. The failure of the Unit Owners Association, the Board of Directors, or of a Unit Owner to enforce any right, provision, covenant, or condition which may be granted by the Declaration, these Bylaws or the rules and regulations shall not constitute a waiver of the right of the Unit Owners Association, the Board of Directors, or the Unit Owner to enforce such right, provision, covenant or condition in the future. All rights, remedies and privileges granted to the Unit Owners Association, the Board of Directors, or any Unit Owner pursuant to any term, provision, covenant or condition of the Declaration, these Bylaws, or the rules and regulations shall be deemed to be cumulative, and the exercise of any one or more thereof shall not be deemed to constitute an election of remedies, nor shall it preclude the party exercising the same from exercising such privileges as may be granted to such party by the Declaration, these Bylaws or the rules and regulations, or at law or in equity.

Section 3. Lien for Assessments.

(a) The total annual assessment of each Unit Owner for Common Expenses or any special assessment or any other sum duly levied, made pursuant to these Bylaws is hereby declared to be a lien levied against the Condominium Unit of such Unit Owner as provided in Section 55-79.84 of the Condominium Act.

(b) The lien for assessments may be enforced and foreclosed in the manner provided by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia by action in the name of the Board of Directors, or the Managing Agent, acting on behalf of the Unit Owners Association.

(c) A suit to recover a money judgment for unpaid contributions may be maintained without foreclosing or waiving the lien securing the same, and a foreclosure may be maintained notwithstanding the pendency of any suit to recover a money judgment.

(d) Late Charges. Any assessment levied pursuant to the Declaration or these Bylaws, or any installment thereof, which is not paid within fifteen (15) days after it is due, may at the option of Board of Directors be subject to a late charge of not less than ten dollars ($10.00) per month for each monthly assessment in arrears or such other amounts as the Board of Directors may fix, and in addition, the Board of Directors may declare the installments which would otherwise be due during the remaining fiscal year immediately due and payable and may take those actions to collect such accelerated amounts as are provided in these Bylaws for the collection of assessments.

Section 4. Subordination and Mortgage Protection. Notwithstanding any other provisions hereof to the contrary, the lien of any assessment levied pursuant to these Bylaws upon any Unit (and any penalties, interest on assessments, late charges or the like) shall be subordinate to, and shall in no way affect the rights of the holder of a Mortgage made in good faith for value received; provided, however, that such subordination shall apply only to assessments which have become due and payable prior to a sale or transfer of such Unit pursuant to foreclosure, or any proceeding in lieu of foreclosure. Such sale or transfer shall not relieve the purchaser of the Unit at such sale from liability for any assessments thereafter becoming due, nor from the lien of any such subsequent assessment, which lien shall have the same effect and be enforced in the same manner as provided herein.

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