Beginning Monday, September 17, 2012, Palmer Brothers Painting will be on site to power washing and painting the exterior of all of the condominium buildings in Hunters Branch.


It is estimated that work will take 10-14 days on each building.  The schedule below is an ESTIMATED schedule pending ideal weather and work conditions.


        LOCATION                                  WORK DATES            

2931 Deer Hollow Way           September 17 – October 1

2921 Deer Hollow Way           October 2 – October 17

2911 Deer Hollow Way           October 18 – November 2

Garage Power Washing          November 5 – November 9


During the time work is underway, you should expect some noise, Palmer Brother Painting employees working on the outside of the buildings on ladders and on lifts and occasional blocking of parking spaces or garages.  While every effort will be made to minimize inconveniences to residents, your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated during this project.



  • Remove all furniture, plants, decorations, personal items, etc. from balcony to allow the crew to properly clean and paint the balcony area.  Items should remain OFF the balcony until work is complete on the ENTIRE building.  Neither the Association nor Palmer Brothers Painting will be responsible for items left on balconies.
  • Remove all items from garage parking spaces prior to November 5, 2012.  Any items in parking spaces during garage power washing WILL get wet and your parking space will not be entirely cleaned.  Neither the Association nor Palmer Brothers Painting will be responsible for items in the garage spaces.  Residents will be notified of the scheduled date for the garage cleaning to allow for vehicle removal.
  • Keep your windows tightly closed to prevent water from entering your home. 
  • Keep your curtains drawn to ensure privacy.  Crews will be working at the windows and on balconies with visual access to your home.
  • IMMEDIATELY report any water infiltration into your home during power washing.  While we don’t anticipate any leaking, we will take action to properly caulk and seal any windows that may have issues.
  • Hours of Operation are Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm


If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact April Ludtke at 703-673-9181 or via email at or Palmer Brothers Painting at 301-587-0100.

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