Garage Door Replacement

The garage doors in all of the Hunters Branch buildings will be replaced beginning July 26, 2011.  During replacement, residents will have full access to the garages and will be able to move vehicles in and out of the garages.  There may however be a momentary inconvenience as workers may have to move equipment to allow vehicles to pass.  Please plan accordingly to allow adequate time for your outings.  When returning to the garages, please be cautious of workers in the garage. 

Replacement will take one to two days per building.  If all work cannot be completed in one day, the garage doors will be left in the open position overnight.  Please be extra cautious during this time as we do not have the ability to lock the pedestrian door from the garage into the building.    

Work will begin at approximately 8:30am each day and the replacement schedule is as follows:

·        Building 2921, July 26 and July 27th(if necessary)
·        Building 2931, July 28th and 29th(if necessary)
·        Building 2911, August 1st and 2nd (if necessary)

If work can be completed in one day, work will begin on the next building the following day and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this building improvement.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact April Ludtke at 703-435-3800.

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