As many owners and residents are aware, Pulte Group and Clarke Construction will build on the property in front of Hunters Branch Condominium over the next several years.  The Hunters Branch Board of Directors negotiated landscaping improvements for the front yard of Hunters Branch as part of this project.  It has been determined that the installation of the landscaping improvements will likely begin within the next month and completion is anticipated mid-summer.  A full schedule is currently under development and will be posted as soon as possible.

This project, commonly known as the “Metro West Project” is advertised as a planned community featuring “a new transit-oriented, mixed-use community that incorporates a variety of town homes, condominiums, apartments, convenience retail, commercial office, day care and public spaces. Metro West creates a new, pedestrian-friendly interface with the Vienna Metro Station, a town center plaza combining retail and public outdoor activity space, pedestrian connections to East Blake Lane Park and a new public use recreation/community center.” 

As part of the rezoning application process, Pulte Group offered several incentives to Hunters Branch, including significant landscaping improvements to the front yard of Hunters Branch.  The contract for installation of the landscaping improvements was awarded to The Word Group in the fall/winter of 2010. 

A pre-construction meeting was held with The Word Group, Pulte, Hunters Branch management and a Hunters Branch Board of Directors representative on April 1, 2011.  The following update is provided so you are aware of the pending changes.

The installation of the infrastructure (underground pipes and utilities) that crosses the Metro West and Hunters Branch began during the winter and is almost complete.  It is anticipated this work will be completed in the next three to four weeks.  Once complete, the large silt fence now placed near the curb of the Hunters Branch parking lot will be moved to the curb of the parking lot to allow the rough grading of the front yard area to take place.  Once the rough grading is complete, The Word Group will begin installation of the irrigation system, hardscaping (concrete sidewalks and stairs), structures (boardwalk, gazebo, grills, benches, etc.) and plant material, in that order.  After “significant completion” of the front yard improvements, a large fence, with gates, will be installed to separate Hunters Branch from Metro West and the retaining wall between building 2911 and Saintsbury Drive will be relocated closer to building 2911.   Finally, a dog park will be installed behind the garage in front of building 2931.

The Word Group will stage the majority of their materials on Metro West property.  The Word Group employees will generally access the front yard area from Metro West but may occasionally need to access the front yard from the Hunters Branch parking lot.  Entry points to the front yard will be installed in front of buildings 2911 and 2931 to allow this access. 

Pulte and The Word Group are currently determining the best access point for connection of the irrigation system to the Hunters Branch water supply.  Once this information is available, it will be shared with the Hunters Branch Board of Directors and owners will be advised of any inconveniences that may occur. 

If you have additional questions regarding the Pulte project, please visit Pulte Group’s website www.metrowestva.com.  For information regarding the review process, agreements or landscaping improvement plans, please visit the Hunters Branch website at www.huntersbranch.info.

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